Question. Are Rimblades easy to fit?
Answer. Yes very easy. Virtually anyone can fit Rimblades with no automotive or mechanical skills required.

Question. What tools do I need to fit them?
Answer. A pair of sharp scissors.

Question. How long do they take to fit?
Answer. Once your wheels are clean and dry, they take around 5 minutes for each wheel.

Question. How soon can I drive my vehicle after fitting Rimblades?
Answer. You can drive straight away, but as stated in the instructions, take it easy whilst the tape is bonding.

Question. Will they protect my wheel rims?
Answer. Rimblades are designed to be a sacrificial product and to do their job by protecting your valuable rims when parking. They should be checked on a regular basis and replaced if damaged.

Question. Will they stick to my wheels?
Answer. In most cases Rimblades will stick extremely well creating a semi permanent bond. They will not stick to wheels coated with nano technology cleaners designed to repel water and brake dust. Some wheels are factory painted with nano technology paint and these create a problem for the double sided tape. These surface coatings are designed to create a low surface energy to the wheel and nothing will stick to them. Additionally any tyre spray and silicone wheel cleaner residue needs to be removed thoroughly and freshly painted wheels need to be given time to fully cure.

Question. Are there any wheels that they have a problem sticking to?
Answer. We have found that Rimblades won't stick to wheels on some new Jaguars and Range Rover models coated with nano technology coatings at the factory. This coating needs to be removed prior to installing Rimblades.

Question. Will Rimblades come off?
Answer. Not during normal driving conditions or at legal motorway/highway speeds if correctly applied and primed correctly unless already damaged. If they come off after a period of time it will be because they have been damaged and the tape bond has been broken or because they were incorrectly fitted with insufficient pressure applied to create a watertight seal between the tape and the wheel surface.

Question. Can I use wheel cleaners on them?
Answer. The fixing tape is designed to withstand chemicals, but we don't recommend wheel cleaners as the chemicals will eventually damage the tape. We recommend cleaning wheels with warm soapy water by hand.

Question. How much pressure does the tape need?
Answer. The tape is pressure activated. Firm hand pressure evenly around the circumference is sufficient.

Question. Will they fit my wheels?
Answer. During our test period they fitted 93% of the wheels tested. Contact us or your dealer if you have concerns around fitment.

Question. Will the colour fade?
Answer. No as a UV stabilising agent is added to the material during the manufacturing process.

Question. How do I remove Rimblades and clean any tape residue left after removing them?
Answer. Remove Rimblades by pulling them at a 45 degree angle and the tape should come off with the Rimblades. If you have any tape left on the wheel surface, use a hair dryer to warm the tape and soften the adhesive and then roll the tape off with your thumb. Any glue residue from the tape can be easily wiped off with an alcohol cleaner or white spirits.

Question. Will the tape damage my wheels?
Answer. No it won't. The tape we use has incredible bonding strength, but can also be removed easily without damaging the wheel as long as you had no loose or damaged paint/lacquer prior to application and follow the instructions above.

Question. Can Rimblades be reused after I have a new tyre/tire?
Answer. We recommend they are changed and can supply single units if you only need to replace the one, however if your dealer is careful a tyre can be removed and replaced without the Rimblade being touched. Tyres that mount onto a rim from the rear do not effect Rimblades.

Question. Can I fit Rimblades before my tyres?
Answer. No. Rimblades need to be fitted to wheels already fitted with fully inflated tyres in the first place to ensure they don’t touch or interfere with the tyre in any way.

Question. Will my wheels need to be balanced after fitting?
Answer. No as the weight is equal around the circumference of the wheel.

Question. Can we have them a special colour?
Answer. Yes, but we have a minimum order quantity of 100 sets.

Question. Will they effect my insurance premium?
Answer. No, not at all as they don't interfere with anything.

Question. Have they been tested?
Answer. Rimblades have been tested and approved by the world famous Millbrook proving ground.

Question. Will you ship outside of the UK?
Answer. Yes we can ship worldwide or can refer you to your local stockist.

Question. What warranty do they come with?
Answer. Rimblades will replace products that have a manufacturing defect. We cannot cover the costs of products that fail or any costs arising from this as it is a DIY fitted product. The responsibility for ensuring Rimblades are fitted correctly lies with the customer and if you feel unable to fit this product correctly seek professional assistance.

Question. What are they made of?
Answer. Thermoplastic Vulcanizate. A high performance elastomer that is a cross between rubber and plastic. It is formed like a plastic, but has a rubber like appearance. To this surface we apply a special primer, which allows the VHB tape to form a semi permanent bond with the material.

Question. Do you have any tips for fitting Rimblades?
Answer. Our best advice is to use common sense. The VHB tape we use is designed for cold weather, but it won’t stick to a damp surface or if there is too much moisture in the air. If the conditions are not great, wait until they improve. You can always use a heat gun or hairdryer to warm the wheels and tape. This will soften the tapes adhesive and give it more initial grab.

Question. I’ve just had my wheels painted. Can I fit Rimblades?
Answer. We advise waiting at least a month to give the paint time to fully cure.