Our universal fitting alloy wheel rim protectors are manufactured from a length of tough, flexible and shock absorbent material and have undergone full digital stress and performance testing. Our unique registered design (patent pending) absorbs slow speed kerb impact protecting the outside edge of your rims, the bit that really matters and look unsightly when damaged. Rimblades can be used to prevent damage from occurring to new wheels or to cover up existing damage making older damaged wheels look new again.

Rimblades are fitted using a high quality Very High Bond (VHB) double sided foam tape for an effortless and lasting bond that can also be removed easily leaving no damage to the wheel surface. The shape of the Rimblades design curves around the edge of the double sided tape to protect it.

The Rimblade’s design is both innovative and easy to use. A lip on the rear side acts as a fitting guide. Simply place around the very edge of the wheel for a perfect fit – all the way around the alloy.

Our unique design shape will conform to fit virtually all shapes of alloy wheels including those with a flat or square face and those with a raised outer lip or a curved profile. There are a few aftermarket wheel designs available that have raised spokes extending to the lip and we suggest you check first before you buy.

Rimblades are sold as a ‘universal fitting product’, easily trimmed to length by the customer.

We can additionally colour match Rimblades to your specified colour for example a company that wants a certain shade on all it’s vehicle for a corporate image (minimum order quantities apply).